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On my motivations as freelance web developer

I thought I would write a little post around my motivations as a freelancer and developer.

JOY – It starts with the joy of creating. You have the initial conversation, usually with a person you don’t know, who describes a vision, or a problem. Then you enter a cloak of solitude, lock yourself in, and start working on your prototype, in a continuous flow. After an intense few days you have something exciting to show, an unpolished product that addresses the raw need. You get the thrill of the presentation. They like what you did,  maybe they already think of extensions. Now they know you will deliver, they had their first feedback. You have their attention, and they go further and deeper with you. You are the hands that make their ideas real, the sailor that gives them direction. In this joyous process, money and recognition follow.

GUIDANCE – You often talk to people who have other specialties, even if a bit tech savvy. You fully contribute with your experience, to twist their vision in something they didn’t foresee. Your value isn’t limited to fitting the bill, it’s to bring the product further. Experience, research and experimentation weigh in.

INDEPENDENCE – Choosing a freelancer over a big shop is often choosing the unknown over the brand, like entering the little coffeeshop at the corner over the slick and predictable big brand across the street. You get a unique family feeling, you get something original, unique. You also have a true voice, to build something fully custom. When the freelancer delivers a unique product, so tailored and personal, he becomes family, and the product is fully yours, unique.

WEB AND IOS – We all witnessed the explosion of the Web not that long ago – 15 years only! It’s still a pleasure to build web sites and it’s always an opportunity to grow and connect. They are one way to express myself artistically too.  I have now chosen to go towards iOS mobile platform as a natural movement – smartphones have taken such a huge role in everyone use of the web. I did some WAP development before “real” smartphones appeared – dinosaur times. Jobs gave us the cutest most functional device we could carry in our pocket – well, right after the other cutest, the iPod. The coolness is  in the OS, a beauty. iOS beauty is its simplicity to use, its strong UX predictability.

The power of Swift today, and of all the frameworks we can use, along with the beauty of the XCode IDE, make this a very appealing development paradigm. So to me web and iOS development – often going hand in hand – are the places where I see myself freelancing!