About me

I am a Web/iOS freelancer based in Palo Alto, California. I have been working on web and iOS development since 1999.  Websites are tailored to my customers’ needs. I can write complex algorithms such as, for instance, the League of Legends Composition Builder engine. To know more about me personally: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jlbrunet

What I offer

  • Quick and robust construction of full stack websites and iOS applications
  • Extensive experience in backend and frontend design and development
  • Extended  troubleshooting experience
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Close collaboration 


I usually bill around $60 per hour.    For important projects we can agree on a global cost, once the specifications finalized. 

Some of my web work…

  • League of Legends Composition Builder, site for League of Legends gamers, allowing players to build compositions of champions based on attributes, and to also create teams of players and share compositions.
  • The Overton Group LILO Program , pilot education program for Harmonious Intervention through Language Opportunities (HILO™)
  • Archer Bravo Aviation, site aimed at aircraft pilots, with searchable rentals and a membership system.
  • We8there.com, famous site of restaurants and B&B reviews (now retired), with a membership system allowing extended listings, an administration tool to filter reviews and manage contents.

To contact me

If you have a project in mind, if you are building a business on the web, either local to Palo Alto or remote, or if you would like to push your hobby online, I am here to help you.

Please email me at brunet@flexibiz.net, thank you. 



One comment

  1. Hi Paul, love your lolcompbuilder.com, however, myself and two others are trying to work really hard to get plat in ranked 3s and wanted to know if there was any way to use your tool for something like 3s instead of the traditional 5s game mode?

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