About flexibiz.net

Thank you for your visit! 

My name is Jean-Louis, and I am currently based in Austin, TX. This is my freelance site!

What I offer

  • Quick and robust construction of dynamic websites
  • Extensive experience in frontend and backend design (server-side coding, database, client-side javascript/ajax, etc.)
  • Graphic design
  • Close collaboration adapted to your style 

My motivation

  • I enjoy the technical process of making websites as much as the results.  I want to build elegant and functional sites. I put performance and stability first (favoring server-side development to browser-side), while attempting to deliver something pleasing and fitting.
  • I enjoy designing systems that are clean and sober – modular code, clean data model.
  • I also strive to evolve and learn from my customers, about their business, about themselves, about their motivation. I like listening to people. Working at helping people build something is the true reward.

Pricing and methods

My pricing is very fair. I am experienced and can get your ideas in motion quickly!

Some of my recent online work as freelancer

  • lolcompbuilder.com, site for League of Legends gamers, allowing them to build compositions based on champions attributes, and to create teams of gamers and share the compositions.
  • www.theovertongroup.orgpilot education program for Harmonious Intervention through Language Opportunities (HILO™)
  • archerbravo.com, site aimed at aircraft pilots, with searchable rentals and a membership system.
  • we8there.com, famous site of restaurants and B&B reviews

To contact me

If you have a project in mind, if you are building a business on the web, either local to Austin or remote, or if you would like to push your hobby online, I am here to help you! 


LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jlbrunet




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