Austin waterfront

About me

Thank you for your visit! My name is Jean-Louis, based in the great city of Austin, TX.

What I offer

  • Quick and robust construction of dynamic websites
  • Extensive experience in front end and back-end design
  • Close collaboration, adaptive to your style


  • I enjoy the technical process of making websites as much as the results.  I want to build elegant and functional sites. I put performance and stability first (favoring server-side development to browser-side), while attempting to deliver something pleasing and fitting.
  • I enjoy designing systems that are clean and sober – modular code, clean data model.
  • I also strive to evolve and learn from my customers, about their business, about themselves, about their motivation. I like listening to people. Working at helping people build something is the true reward.

Pricing and methods

My pricing is very fair. I am experienced and can get your ideas in motion quickly.   

Some of my online work

  •, site for League of Legends gamers, allowing them to build compositions based on champions attributes, and to create teams of gamers and share the compositions.
  •, site dedicated to pilots, with searchable rentals and a membership system.
  •, pilot education program for Harmonious Intervention through Language Opportunities (HILO™)
  • (defunct), site of online restaurants and B&B reviews, with a membership based affiliate program including a fully customized shopping cart

To contact me

If you have a project in mind, if you are building a business on the web, either local to Austin or remote, or if you would like to push your hobby online, I am here to help you!

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